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We are an engineering construction company based in Pietermaritzburg, the company has the ability to perform construction services and project management under a variety of contracts, including Engineering procurement, Construction Management, design and Build.


The achievement I am most proud of is completing a R60m project in 2020 in a very tight deadline (6 months) as a result, I developed strong time and project management skills

Nana Mzila

Director and founder

Our Vision

  • To create employment opportunities, growth and impact in community and across the world.
  • To be one of the most successful and respected female owned companies in SA
  • To be one of the leading engineering construction companies, by delivering quality solutions in a professional manner.


  • In 2017 Nana Mzila formed an engineering construction Company known as ISU ENGINEERING PTY LTD. In 2018 ISU ENGINEERING started to expand to its footprint in KZN government departments and Municipalities through project management and construction. And today we are one of well-established companies in the construction industry

Gender Equality and BEE rating:

ISU ENGINEERING is a level 1 BEE Company.

  • We have established and implemented a comprehensive equal pay policy
  • We measure the gender pay gab and perform gender- neutral job evaluation
  • Prevention of gender-based violence and harassment on all our construction projects


Our Sustainability objectives revolve around:

  • Health and Safety
  • Quality
  • Gender Equality

Our current and future trends

  • BIM (BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING) allows us to view a project and results in real time, enabling better collaboration
  • Mobile and cloud technologies- these technologies allow data sharing in real time to all project participants in the building construction process
  • Drones- many construction sites are heavily relying on the use of drones for improved communication, safety and marketing
  • 3D printing- allows fast delivery of materials and reduce wastage, saves time and improves sustainability in the production process
  • Increased human productivity, with Technologies like construction management systems, BMI and we are able to make smart choices and faster
  • Blockchain- secure, decentralized and transparent way of recording and sharing data
  • While we ensure we have the right mix of skills within the organisation to keep pace with changing technology.
  1. Engaging  with clients regarding the need for sustainability and communicate sustainability goals throughout the organization while developing conditions that support sustainability related is our key approach
  2. We seek to elicit their views and concerns, including clients, employees society and in cooperate these into our sustainability strategy
  3. We Explore critical factors in the process of implementing an integration of sustainability within the company
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